tree-of-lifeBeing is a graspable concept without being limited by a particular form or value of form.  Another term that can be interchanged with being is God, however, the term God has an identity which creates inherit boundaries that the term being seems to supersede.  Another term that can be interchanged is presence.

If you have ever entered a transient state where you became in touch with the energy of your own body, then you have experienced what is referred to here as being.

Being is not only in you, it is you, and, it is in all living things.  It has been so, since the beginning of time; and will continue to be until time ends.

It is the being that connects us, despite our differences that often create the illusion of separateness. The ego’s ability to declare superiority over another because of a difference has no real power compared to the uninterruptible force of being.