Boredom is a concept, and like all concepts, is not actually real.

The terms mind or ego can be used interchangeably here, for brevity I will continue to use one term; mind.

The feeling of boredom comes about when the mind realizes that the stream of constant feedback that nourishes it has begun to ebb or cease.

Since the mind thrive on the compulsive thought reaction patterns, it is quite happy to be very busy without any resting in sight; because the idea of ‘no thought’ is fatal to the mind.

All of this takes place in the subconscious unless an individual has decided to bring it forward into view where it can observed.  So it stands to reason, if humanity is largely influenced by the subconscious mind, and that the mind requires a steady diet of ‘thought’ or reactionary thought patters, then boredom is the mind’s defense mechanism to stay relevant, and in fact, alive.

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