Life Story

Writing-FictionThis is what most people would call their life; however this is not true.

A persons life is what they are in this moment, it is also called being or having presence.  It can only exist in this moment.  The life story is everything else; which is past and present.

The mind provides the ego with a continuous stream of past and future events to keep it occupied.  This actually displaces the ability for presence to occur.  It fills our minds cup.

For people who identify with their pasts, and believe that they ‘are’ the sum of their experiences; perhaps a titled career, an accomplishment or two, an association of some sort.  This is not a life, but merely a life story.  It is the story that the ego uses to create a value which in turns nurtures the ego, and, leave the person with feelings of satisfaction.  Satisfaction is derived from the familiar, and however much we believe we are adventurous, the truth is that the ego will choose an unsatisfying situation, even a painful one, over unfamiliarity,

The future is also a story, and neatly explained by the fact that the future has not even occurred – so where else can the future actually exist if not in your mind?  If you believe that you are waiting for something to happen to become happy, perhaps a promotion at work or a partner to share your life story with, you are hopeful based on speculation.

Hope can get people through difficult times, however the speculation is sometimes also the dread of less fortunate circumstances.  Regardless if your story has a future with hopeful promise or is doomed; it is a folly and does not exist.