dignity despite apparent differences

dignity despite apparent differences

Imagine for a moment, that you were going about your daily business and an alien from another galaxy approached you with a question.

“After reviewing your history, it is clear that most of the devastation on earth, to plants, animals, and especially humans is actually caused by other humans.  Can you explain why that is?”

We will come back to that question momentarily.

Inclusion is a concept that always starts out with the best intentions, and often, ends up on it’s ear.  Inclusion has been popularized by many institutions over time that all seem to start out well enough, but then seem to just miss the mark.  Perhaps this is due to the fact that the value of promoting even the noblest ideal can become diminished when it is guided without a full understanding of the tenet.

The value of inclusion, or at least the atrocities of separateness are well documented in our history.  Over time, there have been brutal trials that many groups has suffered in an effort to be treated with dignity; these unfortunate events have sometimes led people to realize the values of real inclusion. The terrible truth is, that as much as we wish that the historic struggles never happened or hope that they would not continue to happen in the future, they in fact have happened and will very likely continue to happen.

Why is it so hard for humanity to sincerely believe that all humans deserve the same dignity as one other?



Unfortunately, it is because humans are burdened by a very pervasive state of existence that is controlled by the ego.

Very simply stated; Our best efforts to be inclusive are easily dissolved by the ego thriving on the energy from separateness.

The egoic influence is so pervasive and so accepted into our cultures that it does not take long for an individual to find another like-minded individual who agree that they have something in common that is ‘right’.  And, the unfortunate reality is, that means that there is yet another individual or group that is ‘wrong’.

This feeling we get when thinking that we are ‘right’ is the energy that the ego feeds on to survive, and given the vast length of time the earth has been around, it doesn’t seem like very long until the small groups mentioned above become large groups.  Large ego driven groups, will eventually raise the stakes of their arguments to the point that it becomes acceptable that the ‘wrong’ group mustn’t be tolerated any longer and that they must be dealt with.  The reality that the reason the group has to be dealt with is to satisfy the fear-laden ego is completely subconscious.

At this stage, I can almost hear you asking, “Why would a completely sane and sober group of people subscribe to an idea of separateness; despite the unconscious egoic influence, surely these are people who can think for themselves!?”

This is an important point to consider.  The depth of the answer will be in another topic focusing on the ego, however for the purposes of this topical focus it may be enough to say that the ego is extraordinarily powerful and tricky.  So powerful that it has pervaded the human race for all recorded history and so tricky that most individuals, by identifying with the ego’s habitual thought patterns, believe that the thoughts that the ego produces is actually who they are.  The individual identifies with the egoic stream instead of realizing that one can step back from the compulsive thought patters and observe the thoughts.  Clearly, if you can observe the thoughts, you cannot be the thoughts – you are at least an observer of the thoughts.

When one considers the premise that humans who identify with the egoic thoughts, which are unconscious and fueled by pervasive concepts of separateness, it becomes clear that most people are not, in fact, sane at all.  This is practically a definition of insanity, however it is so widespread that it is considered normal.

The answer to the question, “Why would a completely sane and sober group of people subscribe to an idea of separateness; despite the unconscious egoic influence, surely these are people who can think for themselves!?” is that they would not; however, most of the world is not sane.

If we now make an assumption in our scenario, that the group that is ‘wrong’ above is also ego driven (as most of the world is) and actually believes that they are ones who are ‘right’ and take exception to the first group, then there will be problems.

Relationships break down and separateness is accepted.

The details are not important, but for the sake of painting a more realistic and relatable picture here, these groups may be defined by an idea, a location – even a physical attribute and then develop into tribes, races, countries or religions.  The details are not important because the reality is that the culprit in these scenarios is the egoically-manufactured man-made doctrine that has become accepted; the nature or name of any group is irrelevant compared to this fact.

So the answer to the question posed to the alien, it seems perhaps as embarrassingly simple as it is fundamentally embarrassing.  We mostly subscribe to the ego and are, therefore, insane.