Label Subscription

label subscriptionLabel Subscription is an interesting topic in that it mostly evolves over a lifetime of experiences and is so well knitted into the fabric of the human mind that it can be completely imperceptible.

In fact, when things at this basic level are not examined, people often believe that their identity is constructed, in part or completely, by the cultural labels to which they have subscribed.

If you were to be asked the question, “Who are you?”, it is quite possible that you would consider your identity, your identity labels, and then the audience. (even though you are always ‘you’,  your answer may not be the same when in a job interview, as say, meeting someone casually.)

So where do we come up with this scope or set of ideas that is ‘us’.  How does one define ‘me’.

Are we our experiences?  Are we our aspirations?  Are we our mind and the mind’s thoughts with perhaps some ethical framework?  Are we the sum total of these types of things?

No, we are not.

Despite the enormously popular belief that we are our minds, the human mind is no more significant than other organs or systems, although, unlike organs that produce chemicals we need to metabolize and continue living, the human mind produces suffering.

The mind is likely the largest burden of the human race.

The minds focus on the past, which does not matter, and the future, which only exists in imagination, is precisely why it is difficult to look past the chatter and get to the heart of the matter.